SC Wrestling Results 1994-1995

SCMAT will be adding results to all wrestling seasons from 2003 and earlier as
they are sent in or as we locate results.  If you have results you want to send 
in from the early years of wrestling in SC please e-mail them to
State Tournament results for each season will have links to those documents under
the History section of links at SCMAT.  The results we will try and post below
will be for key boxscores from the State Duals, Upper and Lower State results
and any other key results from the season.

Here is what we have for this particular season:

February 11, 1995

AAAA Lower State tournament at Summerville

103-Ellis, Irmo; I. Manigault, Berkeley; Spain, L. Richland, McCants, Conway; 
112-Bradshaw, Spring Valley; Phillip Borrelli, Goose Creek; Friar, Hartsville; M. Ellis, Irmo; 
119-Uehling, S. Valley; Reed, Lancaster; Holmes, Socastee; Grissett, Conway; 
125-Kelly Revells, Summerville; Warrick, S. Valley; Brian Kain, Stratford; Hankins, Irmo; 
130-Brian Walker, Summerville; Sellers, Lancaster; Tom Cardno, Goose Creek; Hawkins, Hartsville; 
135-Goodman, S. Valley; Tom Grady, Stratford; C.A. Glover, Summerville; Cherry, Hartsville; 
140-McClain, S. Valley; Roddy Samuels, Summerville; Stoll, Conway; Kellar, Socastee; 
145-Cox, Conway; Amunda Rivers, Goose Creek; Damon Wingo, Summerville; Alex Graham, Berkeley; 
152-Mitchell, Conway; Henderson, S. Valley; Anthony Hill, Burke; Radeke, Socastee; 
160-Grissett, Conway; Gerhold, S. Valley; Leventis, Sumter; Risher, Richland NE; 
171-Brockington, Hartsville; Cartwright, Richland NE; Blain, Conway; Dwayne Burchette, Summerville; 
189-Chad Stephenson, Summerville; Gardner, Lancaster; Turner, Hartsville; Farley, Conway; 
HWT-Craig Stephenson, Summerville; Cleveland Pinckney, Sumter; Hunt, Conway; Andrew Simmons, Goose Creek.

February 11, 1995

AAA Lower State tournament at Fort Dorchester

103-Ben Howard, James Island; Ian Ryland, Fort Dorchester; Howell, Hilton Head; Grant, Cheraw; 
112-Drake, Cheraw; Ty Brown, St. Andrews; Kenton Richardson, Batt. Creek; Irving Berry, James Island; 
119-Marcus Wright, Stall; Anthony Brooker, Batt. Creek; Stroud, Cheraw; Mack Shieder, James Island; 
125-William Spann, Batt. Creek; Newton, H. Head; Trotter, N. Charleston; Sloop, Cheraw; 
130-Thomas Anderson, Batt. Creek; Henderson, M. Beach; Bransum, N. Charleston; Lee, H. Head; 
135-Mike Harrison, H. Head; Corey Richardson, J. Island; Hall, Cheraw; Sigman, Ft. Dorchester; 
140-Marshall Sampson, H. Head; Dran Alston, Batt. Creek; Antoine Ladson, James Island; Purvis, Cheraw; 
145-Eric Laquiere, St. Andrews; Alvin Champaign, James Island; Mack, Dreher; Beach, Batt. Creek; 
152-Steve Ashby, Beaufort; Maurice Cowley, Batt. Creek; Rell Champaign, J. Island; Henry Blair, Fort Dorchester; 
160-Kyle Kranker, H. Head; Scott Brinson, Stall; Westerfield, Batt. Creek; Rowe, Dreher; 
171-David Smith, Batt. Creek; Jerome Whack, Fort Dorchester; Marlo Walker, J. Island; West, Dreher; 
189-Clint Buchanan, Batt. Creek; Rasheem Neloms, Middleton; Shannon Jenkins, J. Island; Esau, Cheraw; 
HWT-Nick Stuckey, St. Andrews; Hudson, Dreher; Williams, Cheraw; Charles Smith, Middleton.

February 11, 1995

1995 AA-A State tournament at Swansea

1995 AA-A Team standings
1. Swansea 117; 
2. West-Oak 116; 
3. Chapin 96; 
4. Buford 59; 
5. Crescent 54; 
6. Aynor 53; 
7. Walhalla 52;
8. Woodruff 46; 
9. Blue Ridge 44; 
10. Christ Church 36; 
11. Green Sea-Floyds 33; 
12. Bishop England 23; 
13. N. Central 22; 
14. Liberty 19; 
15. Landrum 18; 
16. Ninety Six 15; 
17. Hanahan 6.

1995 AA-A Individual Champions: 

103-Russell Gray, West-Oak; 
112-Jason Hazard, Chapin; 
119-Terrance Smith, Swansea; 
125-David Garvey, Chapin;  
130-Shane Sheehan, Landrum; 
135-John Moseley, Chapin;  
140-Joe Hook, Swansea; 
145-Simon Walker, Swansea; 
152-Dwayne Huff, Blue Ridge; 
160-Adam Duncan, West-Oak; 
171-Mark Mack, Swansea; 
189-Steven Collier, Green Sea-Floyds; 
HWT-Brian Feldman, West-Oak.

1995 3A Champions

103 - Ben Howard, James Island
112 - Irving Berry, James Island
119 - Heath Brown, Greer
125 - William Spann, Battery Creek
130 - Jacob Reynolds, Lugoff-Elgin
135 - Mike Harrison, Hilton Head
140 - Marshall Sampson, Hilton Head
145 - Troy Richardson, Eastside
152 - Chris Strickland, Belton-Honea Path
160 - Randy Flowers, Lugoff-Elgin
171 - David Smith, Battery Creek
189 - Marcus Edwards, Camden
Hwt - Nick Stuckey, St. Andrews

1995 4A Champions

103 - Hung Truang, Rock Hill
112 - Bobby Cornwell, Rock Hill
119 - Jason Hodge, Byrnes
125 - Kelly Revells, Summerville
130 - Robbie Bell, Hillcrest
135 - C.B. Boger, Northwestern
140 - Roddey Samuels, Summerville
145 - Amunda Rivers, Goose Creek
152 - Dennis Mitchell, Conway
160 - O'Shea White, Rock Island
171 - Lamont Hicks, Rock Island
189 - Chad Stephenson, Summerville
Hwt - Craig Stephenson, Summerville