SC Wrestling Results 1995-1996

SCMAT will be adding results to all wrestling seasons from 2003 and earlier as
they are sent in or as we locate results.  If you have results you want to send 
in from the early years of wrestling in SC please e-mail them to
State Tournament results for each season will have links to those documents under
the History section of links at SCMAT.  The results we will try and post below
will be for key boxscores from the State Duals, Upper and Lower State results
and any other key results from the season.

Here is what we have for this particular season:

February 10, 1996

AAA Lower State Top four advance to state tournament at Lugoff-Elgin

103-Shaun Richardson, B. Creek; Tyrone Grant, Cheraw; Andy Anderson, James Island; Aaron Reasoner, St. Andrews; 
112-Kenton Richardson, B. Creek; Irving Berry, James Island; Ian Ryland, Ft. Dorchester; Chris Dubeau, Hilton Head; 
119-Anthony Brooker, B. Creek; Travis Drake, Cheraw; Nick McDole, M. Beach; Steve Dubeau, H. Head; 
125-Chuck Bourke, B. Creek; Ken Smith, Myrtle Beach; Mack Shieder, James Island; Demornis Drake, Cheraw; 
130-Matt Branscum, N. Charleston; Mike Newton, H. Head; Dontez Wright, James Island; Babington, Ft. Dorchester.
135-William Spann, B. Creek; Jeremy Ray, James Island; Scoville, Beaufort; Counter, Dreher; 
140-Thomas Anderson, B. Creek; Antwan Ladson, James Island; Kerr, Cheraw; C. Gregory, Stall; 
145-Scotty Hall, Cheraw; Hale, AC Flora; Kenneth Pusha, B. Creek; Skip Toomer, H. Head; 
152-Andy Andrews, B. Creek; Rell Champaign, James Island; Roger Arn, H. Head; Tillman, Cheraw; 
160-Kyle Kranker, H. Head; Steve Ashby, Beaufort; Eric Skipper, B. Creek; Trabis White, James Island; 
171-Marlo Walker, James Island; Gainey, Cheraw; Steve Norton, Beaufort; Bert Bunton, B. Creek; 
189-Shannon Jenkins, James Island; Jason Buckingham, Ft. Dorchester; Timothy Grant, N. Charleston; Marion Green, Middleton; 
HWT-Jerome Whack, Ft. Dorchester; Benjy Wallace, Cheraw; Sherman Brown, N. Charleston; Brian Brown, Middleton.

February 10, 1996

AAAA Lower State Top four advance to state tournament at Rock Hill

103-Robert McCants (Conway), Jeff Healy (Summerville), Hammonds (Irmo), McComas (S. Valley); 
112-Nathan Corbett (Summerville), Ellis (Irmo), Richie Cliff (Wando), Brennan (Socastee); 
119-Matt Ellis (Irmo), Keith (Conway), Mario Coaxum (Stratford), Raby (Sumter); 
125-Jeremy Holmes (Socastee), Tim Rogers (Goose Creek), Daniels (Richland NE), Aubry Simmons (Stratford); 
130-Vince Bartges (Stratford), Alex Duvall (Georgetown), Grissett (Conway), Jamell Harris (Stratford); 
135-Terell Cherry (Hartsville), Hankins (Irmo), Micah Kelly (Goose Creek), Allasendrini (Socastee); 
140-Mitch Uehling (Spring Valley), Hawkins (Hartsville), Watkins (Sumter), Raphael Verdejo (Goose Creek); 
145-Bryan Doster (Socastee), Goodman (Spring Valley), Robbins (Irmo), Marvin Reaves (Berkeley); 
152-Damon Wingo (Summerville), Radeke (Socastee), Bannister (L. Richland), Bryan Canady (Goose Creek); 
160-Dennis Mitchell (Conway), Shuford (Irmo), Risher (Richland NE), Kyle Kerrigan (Summerville); 
171-Vinson Blain (Conway), Pierre Middleton (Berkeley), Smythe (Spring Valley), Garvin (Irmo); 
189-Adrian Henderson (Spring Valley), Spaulding (Irmo), Turner (Hartsville), Barber (Richland NE); 
HWT-Cleveland Pinckney (Sumter), Hunt (Conway), Chris Middleton (Berkeley), Andrew Simmons (Goose Creek).

South Carolina 1996 state Individuals results

A-AA State Tournament

Chapin              104.5
Walhalla             99.5
Blue Ridge           99
Woodruff             82.5
West-Oak             77
Liberty              59
North Central        47
Buford               45
Swansea              42
Green Sea-Floyds     41

     1st  Josh Arrowood, Blue Ridge
     2nd  Brandon Clay, West-Oak

     1st  Jason Hazard, Chapin
     2nd  Lee Call, Woodruff

     1st  Ed Chappel, Liberty
     2nd  Shawn Payne, North Central

     1st  Bo Chandler, Liberty
     2nd  Brian Tidwell, Walhalla

     1st  Chad Hallman, Swansea
     2nd  Lamar Green, Liberty

     1st  Jeremy Johnson, Aynor
     2nd  Jason Stinnett, Bishop England

     1st  Alan Ross, Chapin
     2nd  Kevin McKee, Cresent

     1st  Christian Bryant, Chapin
     2nd  David Cooper, Bishop England

     1st  Dwayne Huff, Blue Ridge
     2nd  Joe Hook, Swansea

     1st  Adam Duncan, West-Oak
     2nd  Aaron Joseph, Walhalla

     1st  Tracey Williams, Green Sea-Floyds
     2nd  Jimmy Roddy, Woodruff

     1st  Steve Collier, Green Sea-Floyds
     2nd  Brent Stephenson, Walhalla

     1st  Dwayne Knight, Woodruff
     2nd  Ben Hiott, Bamberg Ehrhardt

AAA State Individual Tournament

     1st  Shaun Richardson, Battery Creek
     2nd  Nick Merritt, Eastside
     3rd  Andy Anderson, James Island

     1st  Kenton Rishardson, Battery Creek
     2nd  Irving Berry, James Island
     3rd  Ian Ryland, Fort Dorchester

     1st  Anthony Brooker, Battery Creek
     2nd  Travis Drake, Cheraw
     3rd  Justin Roberts, Dutch Fork

     1st  G.T. Duncan, Seneca
     2nd  Chuck Bourke, Battery Creek
     3rd  Cy White, Dutch Fork

     1st  Alan Verner, Lugoff-Elgin
     2nd  Charlie Looney, Dutch Fork
     3rd  Matt Branscoum, North Charleston

     1st  Kenny Renfroe, Lugoff-Elgin
     2nd  William Spann, Battery Creek
     3rd  Jeremy Ray, James Island

     1st  Thomas Anderson, Battery Creek
     2nd  Jacob Reynolds, Lugoff-Elgin
     3rd  Matthew Babb, Beaufort

     1st  Jason Murphy, Camden
     2nd  Kevin McAbee, Eastside
     3rd  Scotty Hall, Cheraw

     1st  Andrew Andrews, Battery Creek
     2nd  Josh Pollock, Dutch Fork
     3rd  Chris Strickland, Belton Honea-Path

     1st  Maurice Murphy, Lugoff-Elgin
     2nd  Kyle Kranker, Hilton Head
     3rd  Steve Ashby, Beaufort

     1st  Chris McGee, Wade Hampton
     2nd  Marlo Walker, James Island
     3rd  Joe Lovier, Dutch Fork

     1st  Josh Brindel, Dutch Fork
     2nd  Shannon Jenkins, James Island
     3rd  Scoot Watson, Greer

     1st  Jerome Whack, Fort Dorchester
     2nd  Benjy Wallace, Cheraw
     3rd  Rob Whorton, Dutch Fork

AAAA State Individual Tournament

     1st  Chris Collins, Rock Hill
     2nd  David Rosenthal, Mauldin
     3rd  Casey Cook, Northwestern

     1st  Nathan Corbett, Summerville
     2nd  Chris Ellis, Irmo
     3rd  J.R. Gore, Boiling Springs

     1st  Ryan Cappelli, Mauldin
     2nd  Matt Ellis, Irmo
     3rd  Josh Cramer, Rock Hill

     1st  Jeremy Holmes, Socastee
     2nd  Detrick Gaston, Berkeley
     3rd  Travis Roach, Rock Hill

     1st  Jason Hodge, Byrnes
     2nd  D.J. Reedy, Lexington
     3rd  Vince Bartges, Stratford

     1st  Tommy Bell, Hillcrest (S)
     2nd  Terrell Cherry, Hartsville
     3rd  Michael Burr, Airport

     1st  Robby Bell, Hillcrest (S)
     2nd  Mitch Uehling, Spring Valley
     3rd  Gene Hawkins, Hartsville

     1st  Abram Cramer, Rock Hill
     2nd  Bryan Doster, Socastee
     3rd  Kurt Goodman, Spring Valley

     1st  Kendrick Cherry, Rock Hill
     2nd  Damon Wingo, Summerville
     3rd  Jason Radeke, Socastee

     1st  Dennis Mitchell, Conway
     2nd  Shawn Petties, Rock Hill
     3rd  David Shuford, Irmo

     1st  Lamont Hicks, Rock Hill
     2nd  Vincent Blain, Conway
     3rd  Greg Nelson, Airport

     1st  Fred Turner, Hartsville
     2nd  Alvin Chisholm, Chester
     3rd  Alek Checkovich, Brookland Cayce

     1st  Nick Dibenedetto, Rock Hill
     2nd  Cleveland Pinckney, Sumter
     3rd  Chris Middleton, Berkeley