SCMAT Exclusive Wrestling Article 1-17-10

Ian Harper of Chesterfield ties all time
South Carolina career victory mark at 232!
Ian 1.jpg Chesterfield's Ian Harper earning 6 points Ian 2.jpg Chesterfield's Ian Harper works for a pin For the FIFTH year in a row the State record for all time career wins will change hands. Ian Harper of Chesterfield tied the mark of 232 wins, set last year by Eric Rholetter of West-Oak, during a dual match this past week. With 5 dual matches expected from Ian on Monday at the MLK Duals, we should have a new record holder next week. You can expect Ian to remain at the top of the All Time Win list for quite a while, as he entered the season at 198-2 and will shatter the record book if he stays injury free. Ian has has had a fabulous career with three State titles and a career record of 232-4 (so far). A break down of his year by year Stats go like this --- 2007 - Freshman season - 60-1 112 lbs. - Ian Harper would pin Ethan Lecroy of Walhalla (a Junior) in the 2A-1A State Finals. 2008 - Sophomore season - 68-1 119 lbs. - Ian Harper would pin Raffeal Burkette of Cheraw (a Senior) in the 2A-1A State Finals. 2009 - Junior season - 70-0 125 lbs. - Ian Harper would win a 10-3 contest with Rashad Cunningham of Buford (a Junior) in the 2A-1A State Finals. 2010 - Senior season - 34-2 (so far) 135 lbs. - Ian has been ranked #1 all season long There is plenty to still accomplish this season, even after Ian breaks the all time win record this week. In 2008, SCMAT published an article on brothers and we had a list of "Most Family State Titles". With the update to this list below, you can see Ian Harper is looking to put the Harper brothers in a tie with the Corbins with 8 career state titles. If Ian wins another individual state title this year, the brother duo of Ian and Dalton will become the first set of brothers to each win four state titles. 8 - Martin (Jordan '05, Bryce '05, 07-'08, Corbin '05-08) Eastside (3A) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7 - Harper (Dalton '05-08, Ian '07-00**) Chesterfield (2A-1A) 7 - McClester (Ryan '99-01, Lance '04-06, Justin '09) Lugoff-Elgin (3A) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6 - Connell (Ben '97-00, Campbell '07 and Will '09**) Lugoff-Elgin (3A) 6 - Mack (Barnell '78-'81, Larry '80-81) Swansea (2A-1A) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 - Bell (Robby '95-98, Tommy '96) Hillcrest (4A) 5 - Brockington (Doug '81 '83 and Pernell '82'84) St. Andrews (3A, 3A-2A-1A) 5 - Dotter (Floyd '78-80, Leo '79, Danny '83 Bonds-Wilson, Hanahan (3A) 5 - Rumble (David '84, Joey '86-88, Danny '91) Hanahan (3A-2A-1A) 5 - Selke (T.J. '02-03, Corneilius '04-06 Dutch Fork (4A) 5 - Shelble (Pat '80, Joe '80-81, Mike '80-81) Chapin (2A-1A) 5 - Smith (David '79-81 and Tommy '85-86) Swansea (2A-1A) 5 - Smith (Taris '89 '91, Terrance '94-95) Swansea (2A-1A) 5 - Stephenson (Craig '93-95, Chad '94-95) Summerville, Mauldin (4A) 5 - Wirnsberger (Dave '87, Dan '87-00) Greer (3A-2A-1A) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4 - Brockington (Franklin '02, Richard '02-03, Watch '02) Lake City (3A) 4 - Cherry (Kendrick '96, Marcus '98-00) Rock Hill (4A) 4 - Creech (Corey '86 '88, James '87-88) Dreher (3A-2A-1A) 4 - Duncan (Adam '94-96, Jarrod '00) West-Oak (2A-1A) 4 - Fowler (Chris '78-79, Calvin '79-80) Greer (3A) 4 - LaFond (Johnny '83, Benjy '86-88) Summerville (4A) 4 - Moseley (John '95, Jeremy '97-'98 '00) Chapin (2A-1A) 4 - Reeve (Mark '74-76, David '78) Greer (4A-3A-2A-1A, 3A) 4 - Walker (Andrew '81, Roslin '86, Dennis '92-93) Swansea (2A-1A, 3A-2A-1A) ** - denotes active wrestler With most wrestlers gaining 50+ or 60+ matches a season now, the chances of a wrestler achieving 200+ wins in a season has become a reality. First though, an outstanding freshman year will help. Most wrestlers begin peaking in their junior and senior seasons, so finding the ability to achieve early success as a freshman and sophomore is the only way to reach 200 wins. Last season Ian Harper reached a milestone that no other S.C. wrestler had reached before. Ian had 70 wins in a season, a perfect 70-0 in fact, so there was no room for a loss in order to reach 70 wins. Let's check out the progression of "season wins" over the years. Wrestling became sanctioned in S.C. with the 1968-1969 and 20-28 matches a year was normal. By the late 1970's, we had our first S.C. wrestler break 30 wins. By the mid 1990's, we had our first S.C. wrestler break 40 wins. In 1999, we finally had wrestlers getting in over 50 matches and wins per year. 110 times since 1999 we have had a S.C. wrestler reach 50 or more wins in a season. Here is the list with the greatest number of wins logged each season when results were submitted to the media or SCMAT (send updates/additions to Year Wrestler Team Record Milestone ---- --------------- ------------------- ------ -------------------------------- 1999 Dale Phillips Berkeley 53-4 First year 50+ wins was achieved & 1999 Clayton Buckner Berkeley 50-7 three wrestlers surpassed the mark 1999 Myron Drayton Berkeley 50-5 __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2007 T.T. Prayther North Myrtle Beach 63-1 First year 60+ wins was achieved & 2007 Eric Rholetter West-Oak 62-2 four wrestlers surpassed the mark 2007 Ian Harper Chesterfield 60-1 2007 Chip Hester North Myrtle Beach 60-3 __________________________________________________________________________________________ 2009 Ian Harper Chesterfield 70-0 First year 70+ wins was achieved We will wrap this article up and leave you with a couple of links that may be of interest. Congratualtions to Ian Harper of Chesterfield for being set to break the State record for career wins on Monday! Check out our updated Career Win list below: South Carolina High School Wrestling Records - Career Wins Almost two years ago we ran this article on Ian's brother Dalton: Dalton Harper of Chesterfield, Ian's brother, breaks record in 2008 Hopefully in this SCMAT exclusive article, the history of SC wrestling is defining itself as an exciting past with a future awaiting more greatness. These historical articles at SCMAT will hopefully provide accurate facts though we may always have missed some data at some point. If you notice a correction, addition or just want to comment please send a reply to thanks, Mark Buford