SCMAT Exclusive Wrestling Article 11-27-07

40th anniversary year of sanctioned wrestling in SC
1969 State Champs St Andrews.jpg 1969 State Champions Individuals.jpg Photos submitted by Coach Rusty Hamilton South Carolina high school wrestling began in our state in the 1960's. And though clinics were held, dual matches were wrestled and tournamnets started between 1965-1968, the first SC State Tournament for high school wrestling did not begin until the 1968-1969 season when the South Carolina High School League (SCHSL) first sanctioned the sport. The Citadel had been running their collegiate wrestling team since the early 1950's and Furman University would later add their wrestling program in the late 1960's, providing a classic struggle in those days for bragging rights and state supremacy between the Greenville-Spartanburg area and Charleson area. Furman and The Citadel were instrumental in organizing clinics and tournaments for the high school programs, as well as sending college wrestlers over to help the local schools with their technique and drills. Charleson area teams would win the State title quest during the first three years and we can recognize the first state champions from St. Andrews (above) as well as the first Individual champions. 1969 State Tournament Results and teams participating 4A-3A-2A-1A @ St. Andrews Junior H.S. February 21-22 (23 teams) St. Andrews 130 pts. (Coach Rusty Hamilton) 4A James Island 93 pts. (Coach Doyle Swafford) 3A Check back later in December when we look at the entire list of the 23 teams that started wrestling here in South Carolina and cover the growth of the sport over the first 5 years. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I realize the coverage above for the first 40 years of South Carolina wrestling was light, but more articles will follow soon. Instead, for a solid week I was on a quest to build the only list I'm aware of that lists when each state began their state high school wrestling tournaments. I searched for this list, hoping it had been developed at some point, but I soon realized I was going to have to build it myself and it took considerable time which kept the coverage above lighter than I had intended. But to me, the significance of the list below was more important. I wanted to know where South Carolina fit in with the national scene in those days, as well as how it compared with some of our southern neighbor states. I was surprised to say the least. More humbled than expected, realizing North Carolina had a 38 year jump on South Carolina, and yet South Dakota followed North Dakota's lead in only one year ('59 and '60). Only 7 states were left to start their state tournaments after South Carolina arrived on the scene, and many of those states probably had wrestling far longer than we did but did not get the state tournament organized as swiftly. Even New York fell into that category (surprised me!) and started their first state tournament in 1969 (same year as SC) after NY went many years with just Inter-sectionals. Please keep in mind, these starting dates (I believe to be accurate), were pulled from web sites record books at the High School League/Association sites in most cases, and from some phone calls to the various High School Leagues/Associations to verify questionable start dates. In most cases the start date coincides with the first sanctioned year of high school state wrestling tournaments, though in some cases when the state tournaments appeared to be organized by a solid organization (a University, Coaches Association, etc.) I went with the date that state History books were indicating was the well-organized start date for state tournaments. When possible, I list more than one of the web links for each state that factored into the research. If anyone believes these dates to be slightly off, please e-mail me with more information ( I hope the list and links below are of interest and continue to motivate our state to strive for greater achievements. In 40 years we have come a long way, especially being a very small state that started in the sport later than most, but we have so much more to go. I'm thankful that out-of-state talent continues to come into our state (coaches and wrestlers), and I'm thankful to see in-state talent developed and successfully competing on a national level (again, both coaches and wrestlers). A motivation for me was the depth of state record books and the growing number of states which have history books on the sport of wrestling (Ohio, New Jersey, Oregon, Louisiana, etc.) With the assistance of many of our state's early pioneers in the sport we will continue developing this record of our history in the next few years and have a past to appreciate as much as the states below which documented their history. Enjoy reading about success in other states for the next half hour and then get back to working on ours. Some big tournaments this weekend across the state await the best of our rising champions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- High School Wrestling by State - Inaugural years for the first State Tournaments 1921 - Iowa - IAHSAA and Records 1922 - Indiana - IHSAA and Records 1922 - Oklahoma - OSSAA and Team Results 1924 - Oregon - OSAA and Team Results and Individual Results (link on right side) 1928 - Nebraska - NSAA and Records (bottom of page) 1930 - Kansas - KSHAA and Records 1931 - Missouri - MSHSAA and Team Records and Indiviudal Records 1931 - North Carolina - NCHSAA and Results 1933 - Colorado - CHSAA and Records 1934 - New Jersey - NJSIAA 1937 - Illinois - IHSA and Records 1938 - Minnesota - MSHSL and Records 1938 - Ohio - OHSAA and Records 1938 - Pennsylvania - PIAA and Individual Results and Team Results 1938 - Utah - UHSAA and Team Results 1940 - Wisconsin - WIAA and Results 1942 - Rhode Island - RIIL and Team Results 1945 - Louisiana - LHSAA and Records and Additional Archives and Comprehensive State Results 1947 - California - CIF and Records - waiting for a call back from CIF to confirm this date 1948 - Michigan - MHSAA and Annual History and Records 1948 - West Virginia - WVSSAC and Team Results 1949 - Virginia - VHSL and Records 1953 - Washington - WIAA and History Results 1956 - Alabama - AHSAA and Past State Champs and Records 1956 - Montana - MHSA and Team Results and Records 1957 - Delaware - DIAA and Individual Records and State Dual Records 1957 - New Mexico - NMACT and Team Results and Individual Records 1958 - Idaho - IDHSAA and Results and Team Records and Individual Records 1959 - Maine - MPA and Results and State Tourney Results 1959 - North Dakota - NDHSAA 1960 - South Dakota - SDHSAA and Records 1961 - Georgia - GHSA and Records 1961 - Tennessee - TSSAA and Records 1964 - Kentucky - and State Champions and Records 1964 - Massachusetts - MIAA and Records - 1964 is a best guess since a call to MIAA and Massachusetts wrestling web sites have no list of team champions 1965 - Florida - FHSAA and Records 1966 - Connecticut - CIAC and Records 1966 - Hawaii - HHSAA and Team Tournament results 1967 - Texas - TUIL and Results in TUIL era and Other Results dating first state tourney back to 1967 1968 - Vermont - VPA and Team Results 1969 - Nevada - NIAA 1969 - New York - NYSPHSAA and Records 1969 - South Carolina - SCHSL and Year Wrestling Sanctioned and Palmetto's Finest Recordbook - link being updated by SCHSL 1970 - Maryland - MPSSAA and Team results and Dual results and Individual results 1972 - Alaska - ASAA and Team Results and Individual Results 1972 - New Hampshire - NHIAA 1974 - Wyoming - WHSAA and Annual Results 1977 - Arizona - AIA and Team Results and Individual Results 2009 - Arkansas - AHSAA - Wrestling becomes Sanctioned with the 2008-2009 season N/A - Mississippi - MISSHSAA - Wrestling has not been sanctioned yet --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hopefully in this SCMAT exclusive article for 2007-2008 the history of SC wrestling is defining itself as an exciting past with a future awaiting more greatness. These historical articles at SCMAT will hopefully provide accurate facts though we may always have missed some data at some point. If you notice a correction, addition or just want to comment please send a reply to thanks, Mark Buford