2005 South Carolina Wrestling Coaches Association North/South All-Star Classic

2005 SCWCA North/South All-Star Classic
Date: March 4-5, 2005 Location: North Myrtle Beach Friday Night North/South All-Star Match South 87, North 69 South wins - Michaud (Carolina Forest) over Chimm (Chapman), pin South wins - Chavis (Summerville) over Smith (Eastside), 15-0 South wins - Pegues (Cheraw) over Dennis (Crescent), 8-6 South wins - Nelson (Summerville) over Ensley (Greer), 13-5 North wins - Catoe (Lugoff-Elgin) over Brown (Swansea), pin South wins - Black (North Myrtle Beach) over Blackstone (White Knoll), 18-1 South wins - Johnson (Battery Creek) over Schultz (Dorman), 13-5 North wins - Acosta (Hillcrest) over Warren (Socastee), 7-4 South wins - Hinson (Carolina Forest) over Phipps (Pickens), 13-4 North wins - Schuster (Ninety-Six) over Sullivan (Wando), pin South wins - Williams (Lake City) over Mitchell (Belton-Honea Path), default South wins - Simmons (Summerville) over Carter (Newberry), 9-4 North wins - Lafaille (Westside) over Bryant (Fort Dorchester), 7-6 North wins - Barnes (Eastside) over Jones (Irmo), 5-2 South wins - Silverberg (North Mytle Bech) over Murray (Rock Hill), pin North wins - Neese (Lexington) over Huffman (Fort Dorchester), 6-5 South wins - Braden (Brookland Cayce) over Tindal (Woodruff), pin North wins - Clifton (Rock Hill) over Stack (Chesterfield), 5-3 South wins - Moore (Ninety Six) over Walsh (Wren), pin North wins - Davis (Byrnes) over Dangerfield (Airport), 18-3 South wins - Garnett (Brookland Cayce) over Richardson (Byrnes), 14-2 North wins - Patterson (Ninety Six) over Davis (Easley), 7-4 North wins - McElheney (Clover) over Richardson (Chapin), 10-5 South wins - Simmons (Battery Creek) over Jackson (Lake City), 11-7 North wins - Miskelly (Fort Mill) over Braziel (Dreher), 8-5 South wins - Sisk (Irmo) over Banniseter (Belton-Honea Path), 15-4 South wins - Allen (Sumter) over Cusson (Eastside), pin North wins - Galloway (Northwestern) over Hollingsworth (Chapin), 10-4 North wins - Outen (Lugoff Elgin) over Mastrofilipo (Battery Creek), 5-3 North wins - Martin (Eastside) over Neal (Dutch Fork), 4-2 North wins - Davis (Byrnes) over Murray (Chapin), 17-3 South wins - Michaud (Chesterfield) over Abel (Riverside), pin North wins - Truesdale (Indian Land) over Taylor (Lake City), 13-4 North wins - Harper (Belton-Honea Path) over Webb (Battery Creek), 4-2 North wins - Lyons (Northwestern) over Greene (Riverside), 18-0 North wins - Austin (Camden) over Chavis (Summerville), 8-7 South wins - Hamaker (Battery Creek) over Kennedy (Georgetown), pin Saturday Afternoon Feature All-Star Matches Lafaille (Westside) over Barnes (Eastside), 4-1 Outen (Lugoff Elgin) over Phipps (Pickens), 12-6 Neese (Lexington) over Truesdale (Indian Land), pin Silverberg (North Mytle Bech) over Taylor (Lake City), 13-11 Simmons (Battery Creek) over Blackstone (White Knoll), 11-1 Clifton (Rock Hill) over Lyons (Northwestern), 6-4 Garnett (Brookland Cayce) over Brown (Swansea), 15-0 Patterson (Ninety Six) over Richardson (Byrnes), 7-2 Pegues (Cheraw) over Dennis (Crescent), 6-5 Acosta (Hillcrest) over McElheney (Clover). 11-4 Ensley (Greer) over Davis (Easley), 8-4 Jackson (Lake City) over Chimm (Chapman), pin Michaud (Chesterfield) over Warren (Socastee), 15-13 Miskelly (Fort Mill) over Abel (Riverside), 4-0 Sisk (Irmo) over Sullivan (Wando), 2-0 Allen (Sumter) over Banniseter (Belton-Honea Path), 15-6 Williams (Lake City) over Cusson (Eastside), 13-10 Stack (Chesterfield) over Smith (Eastside), 15-12 Mitchell (Belton-Honea Path) over Murray (Chapin), 9-8 Neal (Dutch Fork) over Jones (Irmo), 4-3 2OT Moore (Ninety Six) over Greene (Riverside), 12-3 Tindal (Woodruff) over Lyons (Northwestern), 29-25 Mastrofilipo (Battery Creek) over Phipps (Pickens), 14-10 Bryant (Fort Dorchester) over Galloway (Northwestern), 6-5 Murray (Rock Hill) over Dangerfield (Airport), 13-6 Braden (Brookland Cayce) over Walsh (Wren), 16-13 Richardson (Chapin) over Brown (Swansea), 7-4 Featured "Dream Matches" of the All-Star Wrestling Classic: Catoe (Lugoff-Elgin) over Nelson (Summerville), pin Kennedy (Georgetown) over Chavis (Summerville), pin Hollingsworth (Chapin) over Hinson (Carolina Forest), 3-1 Simmons (Summerville) over Lafaille (Westside), 7-5 Carter (Newberry) over Martin (Eastside), 4-2 Johnson (Battery Creek) over Schuster (Ninety-Six), 6-5 Simmons (Battery Creek) over Black (North Myrtle Beach), pin Harper (Belton-Honea Path) over Truesdale (Indian Land), 5-3 The Featured "Dream Match" of the All-Star Wrestling Classic: Davis (Byrnes) over Huffman (Fort Dorchester), 10-4 North Coaches Mike Frye - Mauldin Bill Motte - Wren Chris Strickland - Crescent Eric Hanson - Byrnes South Coaches David Wright - Sumter Charlie Clay - North Myrtle Beach Chad Meredith - Swansea Officials Anita Stansbery Marty Talent One of the great traditions that came out of the North/South All-Star event was the "Wrestler of the Year" awards given out by the SC Wrestling Coaches Association. Here is the 2004-2005 annual award given out at the North/South All-Star banquet: 2004-2005 S.C. Senior Wrestler of the Year - J.J. Davis, Byrnes 4A Senior Wrestler of the Year - Stryker Huffman, Fort Dorchester 3A Senior Wrestler of the Year - Ronnell Harper, Belton-Honea Path 2A-1A Senior Wrestler of the Year - Damien Pegues, Cheraw If you notice a correction, addition or just want to comment please send a reply to scmat@hotmail.com thanks, Mark Buford