2015 South Carolina Wrestling Coaches Association North/South All-Star Classic

2015 SCWCA North/South All-Star Classic
2015 All Stars photo.jpg Date: March 6-7, 2015 Location: North Myrtle Beach Saturday Afternoon North/South All-Star Matches (Finals and Consolation Finals) 1st Place match: 4A/1A South 36, 4A/1A North 34 S Ben Whitney ASH RDG 10-8 OT N Mike Stone CC S James Sass SUM 6-1 N Aaron Burton DF S Justin Knipper SOC 13-8 N Daniel Troidl RIV N Jake Strong FM pin S Alex Cullen WAN S Parker Grizzle DF 7-3 N Cole Rumfelt YORK N Babe Rigby RH 2-1 S Hakeenm Ferguson RB N Cole Mangum BS 11-3 S Austin Palmer WK S Mac Mota SUMT 8-5 N Ryan Victory WH S TJ Deveaux STRAT 9-3 N Mieklo Sekely DOR S Antony Collins SUM pin N Brandon Mullins WH N Nigel Witherspoon HLCRST 2-1 S Raquan Brown BAM EAR N Steven Schultz MAU 5-3 S Michael Manning LEX N Austin Crocker LAU 7-4 S Quandre Chisolm FD S Matt Rudy CN BAY pin N Stephens Johnson LAU N Josh English RH 2-1 S David Pringle SUMT N Zach Conrad CLO 1-0 S Julian Gibbs SUM N Thomas Sullivan HLCRST pin S Kenny Glover ASH RDG S Tyre Wright FD pin N Mike Stone CC 3rd Place match: 3A/2A North 42, 3A/2A South 36 S Raesean Diggs NMB 5-3 N Zach Darst SEN Ricky Blackman SP 14-4 Levi Wright RB (non scoring match) N Louis Wilson COL 8-2 S Nick Martini CHPN S Brian Jackson BERK pin N Scout Davidson BROOME N Tristen Bright PIC 6-1 S Allen Moran GC S Matt Levy HH 12-9 N Marvin Galette SP N Javier Moreno RNE 25-10 S Landon Lawson AYNOR N David Walker EAST pin S CJ Prince NMB S Dominick Gadsden BERK pin N Tristan Oglesby LIB N Kenny Page WTMR 7-3 S Jacob Seifert ST JMS N Dyaln Gary BHP pin S Justin Graham LC S Tom Murphy BEU pin N Derek Scotland CRSCNT Kimone Shaw COL 6-4 Jacob Richards WO (non scoring match) N Anthony Sheehy WO 7-4 S Isiah Smith AYNOR N Termaris Dixon CHSTR pin S TJ Fox AYNOR N Gage Cervenka EMR 2-0 S Raesean Diggs NMB N Ricky Blackman SP 14-6 S Zac Mor SOC N Brian Jackson BERK pin S Daquan Chappell CENT S Tom Murphy BEU 12-7 N Daniel Kimbrell CHSNE Friday Evening North/South All-Star Matches 4A-1A North 63, 3A-2A South 16 N Jake Strong FM pin S Landon Lawson AYNOR S Zac Mor SOC pin N Steven Schultz MAU S Tom Murphy BEU 12-3 N Ryan Victory WH N Aaron Burton DF 12-0 S Allen Moran GC N Daniel Troidl RIV 9-4 S Brian Jackson BERK S Matt Levy HH 7-3 N Mike Stone CHRST CHURCH N Cole Rumfelt YORK 9-2 S Dominick Gadsden BERK N Babe Rigby RH pin S Jacob Seifert ST JMS N Cole Mangum BS pin S Justin Graham LC N Brandon Mullins WH pin Nick Martini CHPN S Isiah Smith AYNOR 7-4 N Nigel Witherspoon HILLCREST N Stephens Johnson LAU pin S TJ Fox AYNOR N Josh English RH 8-3 S Raesean Diggs NMB Zach Conrad CLV pin Thomas Sullivan HILLCREST (non scoring match) N Jack Strong FM 16-1 S CJ Prince NMB N Austin Crocker LAU pin S Zac Mor SOC N Mieklo Sekely DOR 8-6 OT S Tom Murphy 4A-1A South 42, 3A-2A North 33 S Michael Manning LEX 9-5 N Anthony Sheehy WO N Temaris Dixon CHESTER 3-2 S Quandre Chisolm FD N Tristen Bright PIC 6-4 S Scout Davidson BROOME S Justin Knipper SOC 13-12 N Marvin Galette SP N Javier Moreno RNE 3-2 S Ben Whitney ASH RDG S Tyre Wright FD 8-5 N David Walker EAST S Alex Cullen WAN 9-2 N Tristan Oglesby LIB S Parker Grizzle 8-0 N Kenny Page WHITMRE S Austin Palmer WK 8-3 N Dylan Gary BHP N Derek Scotland CRESCENT 5-1 S Hakeem Ferguson RB S Mac Mota SUMT 4-1 N Louis Wilson COL S TJ Deveaux STRAT 14-3 N Daniel Kimbrell Chesnee S Anthony Collins SUM 8-0 N Jacob Richards WO S Raquan Brown BAM EAR 2-1 N Kimone Shaw COL S Matt Rudy CB pin N Levi Wright RB N Zach Darst SEN 5-2 S Julian Gibbs SUM N Gage Cervanka EM pin S Kenny Glover ASH RDG S James Sass SUM 10-3 N Daquan Chappell CENTRAL N Ricky Blackman SP pin S Michael Manning LEX N Temaris Dixon CHESTER pin S David Pringle SUMT One of the great traditions that came out of the North/South All-Star event was the "Wrestler of the Year" awards given out by the SC Wrestling Coaches Association. Here is the 2014-2015 annual awards given out at the North/South All-Star banquet: 2014-2015 S.C. Senior Wrestler of the Year - Gage Cervenka - Emerald 4A Senior Wrestler of the Year - James Sass- Summerville 3A Senior Wrestler of the Year - Dylan Gary - Belton-Honea Path 2A-1A Senior Wrestler of the Year - Daquan Chappell - Central If you notice a correction, addition or just want to comment please send a reply to scmat@hotmail.com thanks, Mark Buford