2017 South Carolina Wrestling Coaches Association North/South All-Star Classic

2017 SCWCA North/South All-Star Classic
2017 All Stars photo.jpg Date: March 3-4, 2017 Location: North Myrtle Beach Saturday Afternoon North/South All-Star Matches (Finals and Consolation Finals) 1st Place match: 4A/3A North 45, 4A/3A South 12 Tyrus Singleton-Batter Creek PIN Dylan Whitcomb (Non-Scoring) Labrayon Woods-Union County 11-4 Kalab Crocker-Woodruff (Non-Scoring) Seth Childress-Ware Shoals 9-6 Taylor Cabe-Chapin (Non-Scoring) Justin Smith-West Oak 9-7 Kamren Spann-Beaufort David Porter-Crescent 5-3 OT Logan Johnston-Hilton Head Tramon Jenkins-Beaufort 9-1 Conner Pirkle-Emerald Tramone Jenkins-Beaufort 13-2 Jared Smith-West Oak Roderick Whitlock-South Pointe PIN Omar Daniels-Battery Creek Noah North-Lugoff Elgin 12-2 Ben Martin-West Oak Nathan Stroud-South Pointe PIN Jack Grooms-Bishop England Alex Cartee-Crescent 6-2 Brandon Ellis-St. James Liam McKinney-Powdersville 15-14 Turhon White-Battery Creek Will Gaylord-Crescent 9-2 Keenan Graham-Lake City Luke Newton-Emerald 3-2 Cade Rojas-Boiling Springs Eddie Smith-Belton Honea Path PIN Stephen Desjardins-Myrtle Beach Deshawn Sullivan-Eastside 8-7 Cooper Kaminsky-Battery Creek Xi Simpson-Chester 4-1 Jack Nettles-Edisto Griffin Stephenson-Hillcrest 12-9 Taylor Catoe-Lugoff Elgin 3rd Place match: 5A/2A-1A North 32, 5A/2A-1A South 25 Griffin Stephenson-Hillcrest 8-7 Ameer Williams-Dutch Fork (Non-Scoring) Timothy Ewing-Greenwood 4-0 Jack Behler-Eastside (Non-Scoring) Alex Perales-Sumter PIN Nick Harper-Cane Bay (Non-Scoring) Joshua Aquino-Dorman PIN Sterling Dempsey-Bamberg Ehrhardt Mason Gomez-North Central Inj Def Ezekiel Thomas-Military Magnet Jared Blake-Rock Hill 19-2 Dilan Gillard-Marion Kessler Derrick-Lexington 5-0 Wrenn Pierce-Landrum Devin DiCarlo-Wando Maj Dec Dalston Killian-Chesnee Robert Cameron-Ashley Ridge 7-6 Addison Christopher-Byrnes Nic Caspio-Dorman 6-5 Lamar Gray-Stratford Tanner Chavis-Boiling Springs 10-6 Marcus Johnson-Irmo Carlos Ortega-River Bluff 11-5 Jordan Morkowski-Fort Mill Gustavo Martin-Salas Hilcrest 8-6 Thomas Vicuna-Whale Branch Carl Manigan-Spartanburg 10-9 Tyson Cusack-Marion Jordan Stiffler-Spring Valley PIN Kanon Hawkins-Mauldin Dakota Barton-Buford 5-3 Donavan Engram-Camden Fabian Leon-River Bluff 2-1 Grady Thomas-Spartanburg Dylan Whitcomb-Chapin 7-4 Tito Colon-Goose Creek Friday Evening North/South All-Star Matches 4A/3A South defeted 5A/2A-1A North Mason Gomez-North Central PIN Tyrus Singleton-Battery Creek Tramon Jenkins-Beaufort 10-8 Jared Blake-Rock Hill Jordan Morkowski-Fort Mill PIN Keenan Graham-Lake City Griffen Stephenson-Hillcrest 9-7 Turhon White-Batter Creek Stephen Desjardins-Myrtle Beach dec Carl Manigan-Spartanburg Tramone Jenkins-Beaufort 19-6 Joshua Aquino-Dorman Kamren Spann-Beaufort 12-4 Nick Murray-Byrnes Taylor Cabe-Chapin 11-3 Wrenn Pierce-Landrum Omar Daniels-Battery Creek PIN Dalston Killian-Chesnee Brandon Ellis-St. James 5-3 Seth Childress-Ware Shoals Jack Grooms-Bishop England 8-6 Addison Christopher-Byrnes Noah North-Lugoff Elgin 7-1 Nic Caspio-Dorman Tanner Chavis-Boiling Springs beat Taylor Catoe-Lugoff Elgin Cooper Kaminsky beat Cade Rojas-Boiling Springs Nick Harper-Cane Bay 10-4 Donavan Engram-Camden Grady Thomas-Spartanburg 10-2 Jack Nettles-Eidsto Logan Johnston-Hilton Head 10-7 OT Mason Gomez-North Central Jared Blake-Rock Hill beat Dylan Whitcomb-Chapin Turhon White-Battery Creek 10-4 Timothy Ewing-Greenwood Kanon Hawkins-Mauldin 9-2 Stephen Desjardins-Myrtle Beach 4A/3A North 49, 5A/2A-1A South 33 Ben Martin-West Oak dec Ameer Williams Dutch Fork (Exhibition) David Porter-Crescent 13-7 Tito Colon-Goose Creek Dilan Gillard-Marion PIN Justin Smith-West Oak Caleb Carrillo-Eastside 3-2 Carlos Ortega-River Bluff Jack Behler-Eastside PIN Thomas Vicuna-Whale Branch Lamar Gray-Stratford 7-5 Nathan Stroud-South Pointe Eddie Smith-Belton Honea Path 9-0 Marcus Montgomery-Dutch Fork Xi Simpson-Chester 3-1 Alex Perales-Sumter Conner Pirkle-Emerald 3-0 Kessler Derrick-Lexington Jared Smith-West Oak 5-3 Devin DiCarlo-Wando Roderick Whitlock-South Pointe 7-6 Marcus Johnson-Irmo Luke Newton-Emerald 9-3 Tyson Cusack-Marion Jordan Stiffler-Spring Valley PIN Kalab Crocker-Woodruff Deshawn Sullivan-Eastside 7-3 Dakota Barton-Buford Robert Cameron-Ashley Ridge 7-0 Ben Martin-West Oak David Porter-Crescent 11-5 Sterling Dempsey-Bamberg Ehrhardt Justin Smith-West Oak PIN Ezekiel Thomas-Military Magnet Liam McKinney-Powdersville 7-1 Carlos Ortega-River Bluff Will Gaylord-Crescent 6-1 Thomas Vicuna-Whale Branch Lamar Gray-Stratford PIN Alex Cartee-Crescent Marcus Montgomery-Dutch Fork 8-1 Labrayon Woods-Union County Fabian Leon-River Bluff PIN Xi Simpson-Chester One of the great traditions that came out of the North/South All-Star event was the "Wrestler of the Year" awards given out by the SC Wrestling Coaches Association. Here is the 2016-2017 annual awards given out at the North/South All-Star banquet: 2016-2017 S.C. Senior Wrestler of the Year - AJ Leitten - Fort Mill 5A Senior Wrestler of the Year - Joshua Aquino - Dorman 4A Senior Wrestler of the Year - Tramone Jenkins - Beaufort 3A Senior Wrestler of the Year - Justin Smith - West-Oak 2A-1A Senior Wrestler of the Year - Dakota Barton - Buford Spirit of Wrestling Award Winner (wrestler who has overcome challenges to compete and excel) - Amir Williams - Dutch Fork If you notice a correction, addition or just want to comment please send a reply to scmat@hotmail.com thanks, Mark Buford