2018 South Carolina Wrestling Coaches Association North/South All-Star Classic

2018 SCWCA North/South All-Star Classic
2018 All Stars photo.JPG Date: March 2-3, 2018 Location: North Myrtle Beach Saturday Afternoon North/South All-Star Matches (Finals and Consolation Finals) 1st Place match: 5A/2A-1A North 42, 5A/2A-1A South 31 Zion Williams-Kearse (JL Mann) [N] pin Tommy Washington (Spartanburg) [N] - non scoring match Christopher Brown (Clover) [N] pin Jacob D'Ambrosio (Cane Bay) [S] - non scoring match Collin Ehney (Greenwood) [N] dec. David Maholtz (Eastside) [N], 8-4 - non scoring match Noah Reynolds (Rock Hill) [N] maj.dec. Paityn Remeika (Ashley Ridge) [S], 11-3 Danny Faulk (Goose Creek) [S] dec. Craig Barksdale (Easley) [N], 10-6 OT Jacob Hart (Fort Mill) [N] pin James Gainyard (Bamberg-Ehrhardt) [S] Jacob Brasseur (Lexington) [S] pin Lukas Brown (Clover) [N] Jacob Rogers (Liberty) [N] pin Pierce Clinger (Lexington) [S] PJ Wunderlich (Carolina Forest) [S] dec. Dylan Faulk (Riverside) [N], 12-5 Jaden Jenkins (Ashley Ridge) [S] maj.dec. Brody Claassen (Fort Mill) [N], 16-7 Ben Emery (River Bluff) [S] pin Alex Little (Whitmire) [N] Cole Murphy (Liberty) [N] pin Drew Parker (For Dorchester) [S] Mison Mickle (Northwestern) [N] dec. Ming Hampton (Georgetown) [S], 4-3 Dazjon Casto (Fort Dorchester) [S] pin Noah Reynolds (Rock Hill) [N] Hayden Prince (Stratford) [S] dec. Brandon Mills (Rock Hill) [N], 7-5 Garret Sayegh (Hillcrest) [N] pin Kohl Gagum (Bamberg-Ehrhardt) [S] Lucas Bates (Liberty) [N] dec. A'yehaun Dennis (Ashley Ridge) [S], 7-5 Justin Beck (Rock Hill) [N] tech.fall Jesse Brown (Marion) [S], 21-5 Jacob Hart (Fort Mill) [N] dec. Selwyn Porter (White Knoll) [S], 3-2 3rd Place match: 4A/3A South 47, 4A/3A North 18 Jesse Brown (Marion) [S] pin Emmanuel Gonzalez (Emerald) [S] - non scoring match Drew Thomas (Dorman) [N] maj.dec. Trenton Patterson (Belton-Honea Path) [N], 14-4 - non scoring match Kyle Daley (Indian Land) [N] pin Loye Burkhead (Cane Bay) [S] Justin Campbell (Beaufort) [S] dec. Ethan Welsh (Hartsville) [S], 8-3 Devin Wilson (Lugoff-Elgin) [S] dec. Bo Wooten (Belton-Honea Path) [N], 8-3 Seth Sarvis (Aynor) [S] maj.dec. Allen Hill (Powdersville) [N], 10-2 Alex Braden (Hilton Head) [S] pin Trevor Mansfield (Belton-Honea Path) Benjamin Dodd (Travelers Rest) [N] pin Cole Hodges (Chapin) [S] Rashaan Vereen (North Myrtle Beach) [S] dec. Bryson Scott (Belton-Honea Path) [N], 3-1 Brennan Michael (North Myrtle Beach) [S] dec. Brice Harkness (Westwood) [N], 8-6 Billy Christie (Hilton Head) [S] dec. Jacob Callahan (Emerald) [N], 7-3 Cooper Youngblood (Timberland) [S] pin Josh Smith (Broome) [N] Cole Haney (Palmetto) [N] dec. Everette Sanders (Lake City) [S], 7-6 Ahman Smalls (Battery Creek) [S] dec. Paul Zimmerman (Landrum) [N], 7-1 Cole Haile (Chapin) [S] pin Tate Cappps (West-Oak) [N] Gavin James (West-Oak) [N] dec. Kwame Livingston (North Myrtle Beach) [S], 3-2 Jacob D'Ambrosio (Cane Bay) [S] dec. Jordan Lee (West-Oak) [N], 5-4 Khalil Chisholm (Battery Creek) [S] maj.dec. Cole Haney (Palmetto) [N], 22-10 Friday Evening North/South All-Star Matches 5A/2A-1A South 43, 4A/3A North 27 Hayden Prince (Stratford) [S] pin Ming Hampton (Georgetown) [S] - non scoring match David Maholtz (Eastside) [N] dec. Gavin James (West-Oak) [N], 5-4 - non scoring match Paityn Remeika (Ashley Ridge) [S] dec. Paul Zimmerman (Landrum) [N], 2-1 SV2 Jacob Brasseur (Lexington) [S] pin Trenton Patterson (Belton-Honea Path) [N] PJ Wunderlich (Carolina Forest) [S] pin Jordan Lee (West-Oak) [N] Pierce Clinger (Lexington) [S] dec. Allen Hill (Powdersville) [N], 7-5 Trevor Mansfield (Belton-Honea Path) [N] dec. Jaden Jenkins (Ashley Ridge) [S], 10-7 Ben Emery (River Bluff) [S] pin Kyle Daley (Indian Land) [N] Selwyn Porter (White Knoll) [S] dec. Benjamin Dodd (Travelers Rest) [N], 6-3 Drew Parker (For Dorchester) [S] maj.dec. Bryson Scott (Belton-Honea Path) [N], 14-6 Brice Harkness (Westwood) [N] pin James Gainyard (Bamberg-Ehrhardt) [S] Dazjon Casto (Fort Dorchester) [S] pin Jacob Callahan (Emerald) [N] Josh Smith (Broome) [N] dec. Kohl Gagum (Bamberg-Ehrhardt) [S], 7-5 Cole Haney (Palmetto) [N] inj.def. Phazion Myers (Fort Dorchester) [S] Tate Cappps (West-Oak) [N] dec. A'yehaun Dennis (Ashley Ridge) [S], 5-3 Danny Faulk (Goose Creek) [S] dec. Cole Haney (Palmetto) [N], 12-5 Trenton Patterson (Belton-Honea Path) [N] pin Jesse Brown (Marion) [S] PJ Wunderlich (Carolina Forest) [S] dec. Bo Wooten (Belton-Honea Path) [N], 13-7 5A/2A-1A North 47, 4A/3A South 35 Christopher Brown (Clover) [N] pin Alex Braden (Hilton Head) [S] - non scoring match Devin Wilson (Lugoff-Elgin) [S] dec. Drew Thomas (Dorman) [N], 9-8 Justin Beck (Rock Hill) [N] pin Emmanuel Gonzalez (Emerald) [S] Zion Williams-Kearse (JL Mann) [N] dec. Kwame Livingston (North Myrtle Beach) [S], 4-3 UTB Jacob D'Ambrosio (Cane Bay) [S] maj.dec. Jacob Rogers (Liberty) [N], 10-2 Dylan Faulk (Riverside) [N] tech.fall Seth Sarvis (Aynor) [S], 16-0 Brody Claassen (Fort Mill) [N] dec. Ethan Welsh (Hartsville) [S], 11-6 OT Justin Campbell (Beaufort) [S] pin Alex Little (Whitmire) [N] Cole Murphy (Liberty) [N] pin Cole Hodges (Chapin) [S] Jacob Hart (Fort Mill) [N] pin Loye Burkhead (Cane Bay) [S] Mison Mickle (Northwestern) [N] pin Brennan Michael (North Myrtle Beach) [S] Billy Christie (Hilton Head) [S] dec. Noah Reynolds (Rock Hill) [N], 9-5 Brandon Mills (Rock Hill) [N] dec. Cooper Youngblood (Timberland) [S], 8-1 Garret Sayegh (Hillcrest) [N] pin Everette Sanders (Lake City) [S] Ahman Smalls (Battery Creek) [S] dec. Lucas Bates (Liberty) [N], 11-4 Cole Haile (Chapin) [S] maj.dec. Tommy Washington (Spartanburg) [N], 12-4 Craig Barksdale (Easley) [N] dec. Khalil Chisholm (Battery Creek) [S], 6-4 OT Kwame Livingston (North Myrtle Beach) [S] dec. Collin Ehney (Greenwood) [N], 8-4 Devin Wilson (Lugoff-Elgin) [S] dec. Lukas Brown (Clover) [N], 7-1 Alex Braden (Hilton Head) [S] dec. Brody Claassen (Fort Mill) [N], 7-4 Rashaan Vereen (North Myrtle Beach) [S] dec. Mison Mickle (Northwestern) [N], 8-5 One of the great traditions that came out of the North/South All-Star event was the "Wrestler of the Year" awards given out by the SC Wrestling Coaches Association. Here is the 2017-2018 annual awards given out at the North/South All-Star banquet: 2017-2018 S.C. Senior Wrestler of the Year - Cole Murpy - Liberty (Coach Nathan Day) 5A Senior Wrestler of the Year - Jacob Brasseur - Lexington (Coach Derek Strobel) 4A Senior Wrestler of the Year - Billy Christie - Hilton Head (Coach Mike Newton) 3A Senior Wrestler of the Year - Gavin James - West-Oak (Coach Greg Brewer) 2A-1A Senior Wrestler of the Year - Jesse Brown - Marion (Coach Michael Steinbar) Spirit of Wrestling Award Winner (wrestler who has overcome challenges to compete and excel) - Christopher Brown - Clover (Coach Michael Fitzgerald) If you notice a correction, addition or just want to comment please send a reply to scmat@hotmail.com thanks, Mark Buford