South Carolina High School Wrestling Records

Updated on October 1, 2017

SC Wrestling Records - Individual: 4x State Champions from South Carolina (by year accomplished):
Gage Cervanka, Emerald (2012-2015) [3A Sr., Jr. So. years and 2A-1A Fr. year] 
John Van Slooten, Summerville (2014) [4A], Waccamaw (2013) [2A-1A], St. James (2011-2012) [3A]
Clay Walker, Eastside (2011-2014) [3A]
Jordan Wigger, Summerville (2009-2012) [4A]
Aaron Hansen, Summerville (2008-2011) [4A] 
Ian Harper, Chesterfield (2007-2010) [2A-1A]
Eddie Coles, Eastside (2006-2009) [3A]
Corbin Martin, Eastside (2005-2008) [3A]
Jonathan Willard, Loris (2005-2008) [2A-1A]
Dalton Harper, Chesterfield (2005-2008) [2A-1A]
J.C. Oddo, Eastside (2004-2007) [3A]
Matt Leach, Eastside (2003-2006) [3A]
Ben Connell, Lugoff-Elgin (1997-2000) [3A]
Robby Bell, Hillcrest (1995-1998) [4A]
Dan Wirnsberger, Greer (1987-1990) [3x State Champ in 3A-2A-1A S.C. and a State Champ in 1988 at Blue Valley, Kansas 6A-5A]
Barnell Mack, Swansea (1978-1981) [2A-1A]
James McKinney, Buford (1978-1981) [2A-1A]
Carl Van Sewell, Airport (1975-1978) [4A Sr. year and 4A-3A-2A-1A Jr., So, Fr. years]

SC Wrestling Records - Individual/Team: 4x State Champions Individual + 4x Team Title from South Carolina:
2A-1A - Ian Harper - Chesterfield (2007-2010)
3A - Eddie Coles - Eastside (2006-2009)
3A - Corbin Martin, Eastside (2005-2008)
3A - J.C. Oddo, Eastside (2004-2007)

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